First Lady Cindy Cato
First Lady (FL) Cindy Cato loves Jesus Christ and is truly grateful for the many blessings HE has bestowed upon her and her family. She recognizes without HIM she can do nothing, but with HIM all things are possible. She is passionate about mentoring others as they grow into the best version of themselves, whether it is in a corporate board room, time with family or a church member, but especially out on the mission field as a proud missionary team member of Four Corners International Mission (FCIM), where the opportunity to win souls over to God is the principal objective! As a legacy member of our own Drama Ministry, FL Cindy is filled with joy when God uses her to be able to bring the gospel to others in a creative and moving way.
By day, Bishop’s life mate, FL Cindy, is a veteran in the field of corporate facilities administration. Graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, FL Cindy has been blessed with opportunities to work with some of the finest companies in the country. Currently, as Vice President of Facilities at Finsbury Glover Hering SVC, her responsibilities span the gamut for both DC and NY offices where God uses her Gifts and Talents to assume oversight of administrative operations including front office protocol, supply and asset inventory, contractor management, new hire onboarding, safety training, and security administration.
Though this woman of God assumes many different hats in and outside of the church, the title FL Cindy is proudest to bear is that of wife to Bishop Cato. Helpmate, soulmate, and best friend. However, the circle would not be complete without including her role as mother, bonus mother, and Bubbie to her loving, blended tribe of now adults that include Gavin, Collin, CJ, Jessica, Jeremy, Joy, Jordyn, and their adorable grandson, Aries.